Who Will Answer The CAG Remarks?


CAG Flays AP Government For Reckless Spending On Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project
– Why Purushottapatnam & Chintalapudi Projects Which Are Temporary When Polavaram Is Scheduled A� To Completed By 2019?
– Revenue Was Shown Without Even Identifying Industrial Beneficiaries.
– Huge Money Spent On Projects That Have No Central Clearances.

Vijayawada: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India had found fault with the spending of money from the exchequer by the Andhra Pradesh government. Days after the government had made tall claims about the Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme that was intended to lift the Godavari river water and pump into the river Krishna, entering the Limca Book of Records, the CAG ridiculed the scheme. The CAGa��s remarks were almost on the lines of the farmers who wanted this government to spend its energies on the Polavaram Project rather than this lift scheme for better advantages. The farmersa�� associations have been up in arms against the government for the Pattiseema Lift calling it a waste of money as the scheme becomes redundant once the Polavaram Project is completed. But the government went ahead with the scheme spending a whopping Rs 1,600 crore and claimed to have created history by linking two rivers a�� Krishna and Godavari.

The CAG found fault with the government for accepting the bid by the contractor for Rs 1,427 crore while the government estimated cost of the project was Rs 1,170 crore, which is 21.9 per cent excess. The CAG also pointed an accusing finger at the government for completing the project without identifying the beneficiaries. The project had not prepared a list of the beneficiaries for the water pumped and flown into the canal. a�?There is no list of industrial beneficiaries of the water, no list of agriculture beneficiaries and no list of domestic beneficiaries for the Polavaram Right Main Canal which is used for the water pumped under the scheme,a�? the CAG report said. It also took strong exception to the government for projecting Rs 41.51 crore revenue from the industrial use of the water, without even identifying the beneficiaries.

The CAG had raised objections for the government claiming the life span of the project for 20 years, while it planned to be used as stop gap arrangement till the Polavaram Project gets completed by 2019. The CAG found that the Pattiseema project has no clearances from the Central Water Commission, and wondered how a government could spend so much money without clearances, without permission, without identifying the beneficiaries.

As the CAG report is out, the question now being asked is who will care for it or who will answer the questions it had raised in the report. The government is going ahead with the project and had even proposed two more such projects, Purushothapatnam and Chintalapudi, on the similar lines of the Pattiseema. These two lift irrigation projects too are going to be stop gap arrangements before the completion of the Polavaram Project.

The farmers and the farmers associations say that Pattiseema, Purushotthapatnam and Chintalapudi lift irrigation projects would go waste once the Polavaram Project is completed and the money spent on these projects is a huge loss to the State exchequer. But, there seems to be no takers for these questions as the government is intended to go ahead with its plans for these two projects.

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