Will Amit Shah Impact Tamil Nadu too?

  • Amit visit to TN on 20th to launch a campaign
  • Rajini yet to concent
  • Vaiko walks out
  • Local issues to be addressed

(Raviteja Kondubhatla)

Chennai, December 9: The political scenario in Tamil Nadu has always been either loyalty-driven or charisma-driven with strong leaders like Anna Durai, Kamraj, Karunanidhi, MGR, Jayalalitha etc., since independence. As nobody in the regional BJP unit has that kind of a�?glamoura�� now, the presence of Amit Shah simply is not going to ameliorate the situation here. It has definitely got to bring in some freshness unlike what it did in the Hindi speaking states which have decent amount of NaMo aura to start with.

As local BJP leaders eagerly anticipate Shaha��s visit to TN on 20thof this month, ita��s indeed a right moment for the BJP to bolster its political strength in an already Congress-less region with the grand old Dravidian dichotomy declining simultaneously. Their nickel-and-dime strategies to align with Vaikoa��s MDMK, Ramadossa��s PMK and Vijaykantha��s DMDK for the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 were an epic failure. Some BJP sources announced that they are planning to replicate the strategy model they the BJP had adopted during the recent assembly elections in Haryana. However, Tamil Nadu is a very progressive state unlike UP or Haryana. Hence ita��s a little tricky situation with complex politics here. Vaiko has already announced his withdrawal from the NDA since the Centre is allegedly anti-Tamil in the context of Sri Lanka. The national leadership of the BJP has decided that it cannot depend on the temperamental leaders like Vaiko and has to, instead, build up its own cadres. Hence the concentration on Tamil Nadu. The renewed attempts to woo the super star Rajini Kant appear to be fruitless so far as the ageing hero is yet to give his nod for a full-fledged political role.

Neither the Modi rhetoric nor the Rajini stardom alone could help the party break the ice with the existing constraints. It should probably trace back to its fundamental strategies that have brought back BJP to power via RSS i.e. by addressing some of the local issues of Fishermen, Methane Project, Mullaperiyar Dam etc. More the grass root level participation greater would be its penetration in Tamil Nadu. Hence, Shaha��s aggression apart, the local party leaders should act wisely before their honeymoon period gets over. Otherwise, there is a high probability of BJP ending up in the same phase that Congress had been stuck for decades.

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