Wife deserter doesna��t know common mana��s agony: VH

Alleging that common people were facing a lot of troubles due to demonetization of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes, AICC secretary V Hanumanth Rao said on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not bothered about the common mana��s agony because he deserted his wife. VH alleged that several marriages were being postponed due to sudden demonetization of existing big notes. a�?Modi had deserted his wife and he has no responsibilities of performing childrena��s marriages. How Modi knows the problems of family lifea�?, he wondered.A�A�VH alleged that the BJP government at the Centre was trying to win the ensuing elections in Uttar Pradesh with demonetization. The BJP has made its black money as white much before the announcement, he alleged and said that the BJP succeeded in seeing the opposition without money to campaign in Uttar Pradeshn elections.


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