Who Won, KCR or Kodandaram?

Aswani Kumar Eturu

Hyderabad: On the day when TJAC gave a call for Unemployed or Nirudyogula rally, CM kCR is busy with thanksgiving trip to Tirumala. A series of episodes two days prior to the rally surely go to prove that TJAC leaders, particularly Prof Kodandaram, had an upper hand.

Government tried to suppress the rally through its argument in High Court which succeeded partially, but the attempt to defame Kodandaram had failed. Unnecessary, forcible arrest of Kodandaram on Wednesday early hours at his house shows the panic created in T government which is facing first stroke from opposition after It came to power. Surprisingly the stroke is not from the established opposition parties, but from a person who fought for separate statehood along with KCR.

Even the ban orders by the police could not stop students from moving towards rally in OU, Nizam College and in several parts of Telangana. It shows the goodwill Kodandaram enjoys in Telangana and the belief students have in the professor.

TJAC, which vowed to go ahead with the rally against government for fulfilling government’s promise of creating more than a lakh jobs, is not going to give up. Protesters in the morning pelted stones on police after they came to know that Kodandaram was arrested and taken to Kamatipura police station in the old city.

For the first time, KCR is facing heat from students wings of different parties like congress, AAP, Left parties which played crucial role when he was carrying T agitation.

This is the first moral victory for Kodandaram who recently announced his intention of launching a political party. People of Telangana, who have a tradition of supporting the opposition parties that fight on issues may move towards Kodandaram if the government does not open its eyes at once and do something substantial to fulfil the promise of creating jobs.

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  1. Haarika says:

    What Kodandaram is doing is all Drama.He is spoiling students life and time in these protests.Instead of doing protest and wasting time students should concentrate on studies and complete their studies.This is exams time.For many years Telangana is backward in education.we got new state it is time to make Telangana an education hub instead of protesting for some netas personal egos.New state and new government requires time for anything to show results.At least 5 years.Who won and lost can be known only in 2019.

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