WHO slams India

NEW DELHI: The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) India representative has slammed India’s government owned disease surveillance system. According to him it does not capture the true picture of the outbreaks. 

Henk Bekedam, Delhi based WHO’s representative said that the system shows incorrect pictures and reports low number of outbreaks. He also said, India’s government-owned disease surveillance system might be faulty as low numbers of Dengue and Chikungunya cases are being reported by the government. 

He further said, “since considerable sections of the population in India use private health care facilities, it is important to capture all that data for a better understanding of the national burden”. He has also called for the continuation of investments in enhancing surveillance and laboratory capacities. 

WHO says, India’s system to detect diseases depends only on few selected government hospitals. The system entirely bypasses the patients who visit the private sector. He has also called for reporting of not just the laboratory verified cases of Dengue or Chikungunya, but also probable cases, saying engagement with the private sector would be critical.  

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