Baahubali 2: Who Is Bhallaladeva’s Wife?

Not showing the wedding of Bhallaladeva in Baahubali: the conclusion is a lapse which is not expected of Rajamouli.

Hyderabad: There is a doubt in the minds of spectators left uncleared by the story writer of Baahubali. The script writer and the director did not clarify the matter. The wedding of Baahubali with Anushka was clearly shown. But the marriage of Bhallaladeva was not shown in the movie. It is a glaring lapse. Bhallala’s son Bhadrapatra’s role was played by Adavi Sesh.

Bhadrapatra dies when he chases Mahendra Baahubali who goes to rescue Anushka. After that there is no mention of that character. The question about the person whom Bhallaldeva married remains unanswered till the end of the second part.

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