Where is the Swachh Hyderabad team when the city is stinking?

  • The ongoing GHMC strike of eight days and city is a pile of dirt, filth and threat of diseases triggering.

Lata Jain

Telanagana Chief Minister launched the swachh Hyderabad program me at HICC on May 16th. He had started efforts to go all out to take control of the civic body. For this campaign, the city has been divided into 400 segments. Units were headed by theA�TelanganaA�Chief Minister, ministers, parliamentary secretaries, AllA�IndiaA�Service officers and other senior heads of the Departments ofA�Government of Telangana.

A�May 16th was a busy Saturday with 36,000 officials on their toes since 4 pm. The roads witnessed heavy traffic after the formal launch of Swachh Hyderabad at HICC. They took an oath to keep the city clean and promised that the project will be continuous.

lata jain

Lata Jain

All patrons, including the Governor, the Chief Minister, MPs, MLAs and top officials, visited their respected wards. Saturday was a day of cleaning for Hyderabad, as thousands of tones of garbage and debris were cleared. Meetings were held with colony representatives to chalk out action plans. Each of the patrons was given Rs 50 lakh for ward development. The Centre has provided Rs 75 crore as a special aid for the Swachh Hyderabad programme.

In Hyderabad cops turned their guns to brooms and journalists turned theira�? pens to brooms a�?to make Hyderabada�?swaacha�?. There are big names associated with this project. Politicians, Bollywood actors, sportsmen, celebrities, corporate honchos have endorsed this project in Hyderabad and across the country.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan refers to clean India campaign initiated by the Prime Minister of India.Mr. Narendra Modi has time and again reiterated that cleanliness has always been close to the heart of Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu longed to see a clean India where people would work in harmony, holding each othera��s hand to make a�?Bharata�� clean. Mr. Modi promotes Mahatma Gandhia��s vision through the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

But the scene is pathetic in Hyderabad with none who made tall promises as a part of swaach Hyderabad project, coming forward to clean the city. Garbage is piling and the city stinks.

As many as 28,000 employees of GHMC are on strike, demanding increase in wages and better facilities for the past eight days. Heaps of garbage was piled up on the roads in Greater Hyderabad as an indefinite strike by municipal sanitary workers. The main thoroughfares in the old city and other parts of the state capital are littered with heaps of stinking garbage. The continuing strike has not only dented the image of ‘swachh Hyderabad’ – which the state government has been trying hard to project – but is causing severe inconvenience to people. The GHMC commissioner Somesh Kumar threatened to replace striking sanitation workers and use to army to clean the city.

Hyderabad on an average generates 4,000 tonnes of garbage daily. The garbage generation goes up steeply during Ramazan due to increased commercial activity. With the strike continuing for over a week, thousands of tones of garbage lies dumped across the city.

But there is a silent whisper heard in the corridors of offices and public places a�? where is the swachh Hyderabad team a�?, says Revanth reddy advocate, student of Nalsar. Why are we depending on the GHMC employees? Why cana��t the officers who took oath spare in a few hours as they were doing initially.A� Says Madhavi a angry house wife from a colony in Begumpeta�? the officers A�A�dona��t come forward to clean the garbage now. We saw them in our colony daily for four days. Every day we were seeing so many pictures in the newspapers of officers, cops in action with brooms.

a�?The fact is that there is no professional expertise in the Municipal Corporation to keep the city clean. Combined with total apathy, it creates an irremediable situation. These projects like swaach Hyderabad are short term projects, is it so easy for officers to hold brooms daily?a�? The city is stinking and health crises will trigger expresses Dr.vijay, a retired Army doctor.

Ek kadam Swacchhta ki ora��was the slogan when the officials took oath at a function in Hyderabad.a�? ab kahanA� hai who kadama�?, aaj nahi badeenge tho phir kab?questions A�70 year old Raheemuddin from Charminar.a�? hum tayar hai woh log tho roj TV par aathe the, ab kyun nahi, jab zaroorth hai?a�?

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