What Were The Reasons That Made Venkaiah Naidu VP Candidate?

Although the news of Venkaiah Naidu being selected Vice Presidential candidate, it has been received by the people with mixed reaction.
What Were The Reasons That Made Venkaiah Naidu VP Candidate?

Ankababu Kollu

Vijayawada: The coup to send Venkaiah Naidu has been in the making for quite some time.

The active role being played by Ramadhav, who has become very close to PM and Amit Shaw after playing a crucial role in Jammu & Kashmir and the northeast. Ram Madhav who hails from East Godavari of AP is a known rival of Venkaiah Naidu in BJP politics.

Ram Madhav became Narendra Modi’s confidante. The bonhomie is evident for some time. He was also going in advance to foreign countries to prepare ground for Modi’s meetings with NRIs.

All Venkaiahnaidu arch rivals like Vidyasagar Rao, Veerraju, Purandhreswari, Kanna, Kavuri have been pulling their strings in Delhi with Ram Madhav’s blessings.

Venkaiah Naidu rivals’ single-point programme in Delhi was convincing the top leaders of the BJP that the party will not grow in AP as long as Venkaiah Naidu plays an active roll in politics.

They could convince Amit Shaw with relevant proofs which showed how Naidu has not been allowing BJP cadres to grow by having close association with the TDP leaders and big shots in business and industry who are again close to the TDP.

In the last meeting at Vijayawada these people also orchestrated slogans that BJP should severe ties with the TDP which was much against Naidu’s liking.

Six months back itself there was indication to Naidu about tipping him to VP post.

After getting that indication, Naidu tried to indicate to BJP’s bigwigs by telling in numerous meetings that he would like to be USHAPATHY than UPARASTRAPATHY. The bjp high command kept quiet until the polling in the presidential election came to a final stage.

It is much humiliating situation for Naidu to be VP when Kovid is President. Kovind is by far a rank junior to Venkaiah in politics and parliamentary life.

But Amit Shaw has created such a situation where Naidu cannot go against the party high command’s decision.

Besides AP BJP leaders with support of Ram Madhav, Arun Jaitley and Sujana Chowdary played their own roles due to their vested interest.

After getting I&B portfolio Naidu has became proactive in media and dominating the political space.

Hence he wanted Naidu to be sidetracked by sending him as VP.

Sujana Chowdary has his own interests in Delhi. He will be the only person in the Cabinet from his community.

Until now he is playing second fiddle to Naidu in Delhi.

Now since Naidu will be elevated to constitutional post, Chandrababu Naidu has to find a better arrangement at Delhi as Ashokgajapathy Raju is of no use in liaison at Delhi.

Now real looser is Chandrababu Naidu as there is nobody with the stature of Venkaiahnaidu who can help him at the centre.

It is Naidu who was instrumental in getting all the projects cleared at centre and getting funds for Ap development.

Now nobody except Sujana to do liasoning at Delhi.

Sujana will be more interested in his personal business interests than state interest.

Of late, Sujana has developed personal rapport with Jaitley for his own interests.

AP state is the biggest looser after naidu becomes VP as he cannot play proactive role in dealing with Center.

Now there will change in state BJP hierarchy also.

As Naidu’s friend and close associate Haribabu could not be changed though his term expired long back. Now the rumour is agog wit either Gangaraju or Veerraju may become bjp state head. Chandra babu’s sister-In-law Purandeshwari’s name also under active consideration, according party sources.

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