What if it were “arranged divorces”?

Lata Jain

Marriages in India are mostly a�?arrangeda�? and are a lavish affair but what if divorces follow suit?

What if the divorces were ‘arranged’ the way marriages are in many Indian households?

YouTube channel SnG Comedy hilariously showed us how things would look if, like arranged marriage, arranged divorce was a thing.

Divorces surely sound disturbing but this video is a trifle off beat which potrays the sorry state of affairs among the Indian couples and the lack of a�?missa�? understanding in most cases.

“Unfortunately when two people get divorced, there’s always ugliness involved.”

This hilarious comedy makes for the rib tickling watch.

Some of the choicest exchanges between the characters are as follows:

“I’m so sorry; we forgot to teach her cooking. We were very busy educating her.”


“Bahu? More like boohoo!”

Instead of sweetmeats, karela (bitter gourd) would be fed to (and then spat out by) the un-hubby-to-be.

A must watch video which pictures the reality with a bit of humor in a subtle manner.

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