What happened when 7 yr girl applied for Google job?

Hyderabad: CholeA� Bridgewate, 7 yrs old, UK resident A�came A�to know through her father that ideal place for work is GOOGLE whichA� has Bean bags, go karts, and slides. Without any hesitation, with her father support she wrote a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai in her own carefree way.

Chole, who was knocked by a car year ago, further added that she likes computers, Robots and tablets. She was surprised to see reply from Google CEO who gave a confidence booster to this girl.

A�a�?Thank You so much for ur letter, I am glad you were interested in computers and Robots, hope you will continue to learn about Technology. I look forward to receive your job application after completing your school studiesa�? was the response from Sundar Pichai.

Cholea��s father was shocked to see reply and said he will encourage Chole to develop her skills and focus on her studies to fulfil of working at Google in future.

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