What Went Wrong: Post mortem On Nandyal By Poll

Nandyal By poll pitched as referendum for 2019 ended with ruling party, TDPa��s victory. How to read this victory and what costly mistake YCP made in this election?

Amaravati: A�Victory for ruling party in Nandyal by poll is a sweet one which was held after three years of Chandrababua��s tenure as CM.YCP made a costly mistake which looked far ahead to the assembly polls.

TDP was successful on penetrating into Rayalaseema which was strong hold of YCP.By poll elections have advantage for ruling party as usual in all states, same happened in Goa and Delhi. But it was YCP which made contest high voltage. It took a dramatic turn after Shilpa Mohan Reddy joined YCP, but Jagan made it as a war between him and CM Naidu.

Jagana��s language on CM did not help either and it caused severe for YCP Chief after he countered CM Naidu with SHOOT and HANG words. Political experts felt that he should have acted little mature when compared to 2014.

Jagan also failed in making voters believe that Rayalaseema in under development and CM Naidua��s eyes are in and around of Amaravati. Even Minister Akhila Priya was successful in dragging women voters towards voters with sympathy.

We should not forget that TDP never won a by poll between 2004 to 14 and so this verdict should not be taken granted for 2019 elections. At the same time, YCP should change its attitude when campaigning and the entry of strategist Prashanth Kishore may help party in this regard.




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