We are committed to social justice: Modi

New Delhi: Amongst the ongoing violence and outrage against Dalits, PM Narendra Modi has said that he is devoted to the development of all the Dalits, underprivileged and oppressed.

Observing that the self appointed guardians are threatened by the government’s commitment towards Dalits, and are creating tensions,  he exhorted them not to inflict pain on wounds caused by thousands of years of injustice. He also cautioned against giving  political color to the social problems. 

In a high profile interview to a prominent news channel, PM Modi spoke extensively on the issues ranging from communal violence, casteism, challenges before the nation and also about the upcoming UP assembly elections.

“Atrocities against the Dalits have no place in this society and the poison of casteism and communal vote bank politics have already caused enough damage to our country. I am devoted to the development of Dalits, underprivileged, oppressed and deprived”, he said in the interview.

Added to it he said, “economic progress alone was not the solution, peace, unity and harmony is essential for the society. We need to be committed to social justice”

As Uttar Pradesh is due for general elections early next year,  Modi said that his party would fight on the plank of the development. Their focus on development includes jobs for youth, maintaining peace & unity, welfare of farmers, villagers and brotherhood in the country.

In Uttar Pradesh Dalits account for 21 percent of the total population. BJP is looking beyond its usual support base of the upper castes, by wooing Dalits. Modi pointed out his government’s  celebration of the Dalit icon Dr. BR Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary, and the presence of many Dalit lawmakers in the party as key indicators of their party’s  attitude towards Dalits.

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