Warangal Collector As Goddess Parvati Holding Ganesha Creates Ripples

Admirers of Warangal Collector Amrapali Kata designed a statue of her holding Ganesha on her lap, went back on their decision after locals objected. They said that they respect the sentiments of the devotees and statue will not be installed.

Warangal: Urban Collector of Warangal Amrapali Kata has huge admirers in district. She was in news in April for allegedly booking a theatre for staff. Now this time it is from her admirers who tried to depict a statue of her in the form of Goddess Parvati holding Ganesha on her lap.

Amarapali Kata, hails from Vishakaptnam received huge applauds from Warangal public for her services.

New Millennium Association of Warangal moved a step forward to express their admiralty towards her. As a part of Ganesha Chaturdi, they tried to install a statue of her in the form of Goddess Parvathi. This received mixed response from public, few hailed the decision few expressed shock.

Some warned that this depiction will land them in trouble and immediately members of the association dropped the idea.

Collector was also reportedly shocked after hearing this news. Amarapali kata has numerous admirers who adore her for her work.

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