VVIP Culture: Ambulance Stopped for AP CM Naidu’s Convoy

In Kakinada Ambulance was stopped for more than 20 minutes to let Naidu’s convoy pass.

Kakinada: Just few hours after AP CM Naidu pledged that he will develop a capital city that will ensure health, wealth and happiness to the people, here is an ironical incident which angered people of whole state.

This incident with ambulance waiting with patient inside was shot in camera by a local boy Pawan Kumar who posted in social media.

Video clearly shows that ambulance was being stuck in traffic which was held up for CM’s convoy.

Even though Pawan requested police to make way for police, they refused. This video was attracting criticism all over India with many pointing out Naidu’s VVIP culture.

The above statement by Naidu on the eve of Navanirman Deeksha looks to be ironical, isn’t it?

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