Vote- For- Note, SC Issues Notice To Chandrababu Naidu

New Delhi: On an historic event going on at Amravati with Assembly budget sessions, CM Chandrababu Naidu faced an embracement in Vote Note case, receiving notice from Supreme Court which urged AP CM to file counter affidavit.

HC ordered stay in the case after squash petition by Naidu, Ramakrishna Reddy, YSRCP Mangalagiri MLA, filed a counter affidavit to Naidua��s squash petition.

Alla Krishna Reddy, in his counter-affidavit, submitted that he has locus standee to lodge a complaint against Naidu in the case of a�?vote-for-notea�� case. A�He reminded the HC the orders of the SC in the case of Dr Subramanyam Swamy Vs Dr Manmohan Singh that any person of this country has a right to inform the courts about any criminal activities indulged by any one and anywhere.A�

The MLA argued that the petitioner, in fact, has no right to file a squash petition in the HC.A� He added that even the apex court observed that the accused cannot file a squash petition when the case is under investigation under the Prevention of Corruption Act.A� He also contended that under any circumstances stay cannot be granted in cases when Prevention of Corruption Act is deemed to have been violated and a person is accused ofA�abetting someone to receive bribes. Case filed in Supreme Court by Ramakrishna after HC ordered stay.

Today hearing of this case came to bench in Supreme Court which issued notice to CM Chandrababu Naidu. Before issuing notice, SC considered tape and voice sample as proof in this case.

YSRCP President Jagan claimed that Naidu should be arrested immediately in a scam which never happened in Independent India, who mortgaged Special Status to evade arrest in the case.

AP CM Chandrababu reacted on this notice and said it is common on political leaders particulary on him.

This is not new, I received notices many times in my political career, Congress leaders filed 26 cases on me previously, but could not do anything, this A�also belong to that type of nature, Naidu said addressing media.

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