Vizag Tourists Stranded In Nepal

Twenty one pilgrims from Vizag and Kasimkota are stranded in Nepal as weather turned hostile. AP Government has taken steps to rescue them.

Visakhapatnam: Twenty one tourists belonging to Visakhapatnam district were said to have stranded in the Himalayas in Nepal for the past three days with atmosphere turning hostile. Reports say hundreds of tourists who visited Manasasarovar on June 11 were stranded on their return journey atA�Simikot, A�the administrative headquarters of Humla District of Karnali Zone in the mountain region of northwestern Nepal.A�Elevated atA�2,910A�m high, the mountain region was lashed with heavy rains. Road and airlines were cut off forcing the travellers stay back in Simikot. See Also:A�Opposition Announces Meira Kumar As Presidential Candidate

Twenty one tourists from Vizag and Kasimkota were among the several who visited Manasasarovar facilitated by a private travel firm. All of them were safe, reports say.

AP Bhavan officials were making alternative arrangements to airlift them from Sumikat following instructions from AP State government.They are expected to be in Visakhapatnam by Sunday.A�See Also:A�We Respect Anil Bhaia��s Decision: Kohli Breaks His Silence

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