Viswambhara, An All Encompassing Philosophy

An unparalleled literary personality in Telugu literary world and who found a place in the hearts of even masses with his lyrics in Telugu films Cinare will always live in the hearts of Telugu loving people.

Hyderabad: The origin of the universe.. time-progress of man, the evolution of his consciousness, the all-encompassing form that the consciousness manifested- found a place in celebrated poet Dr C Narayanareddya��s eminent work ‘Viswambhara.’ He describes how the human history has evolved. His powerful pen exemplified how the power of the mind, when exercised individually, becomes individual life history.. When utilised collectively becomes societal history.

The progress in human history and the victories of the later generations basing on those foundation stones, the experiences of the man who trod on the ladder of victory- every human experience is vividly imagined and described in Viswambhara by the poet.

Viswambhara means earth and the world. But, the poetry is not about just the earth. It is about the man who was born on the earth, his experiences and progress, the consciousness of man during the progression and the soil which is the base of that consciousness.

Singireddy Narayanareddy, popular as Cinaare, is a renowned Telugu poet and aA�scholar. Indian government honoured him with Jnanpith in 1988 for the services he rendered to Telugu literature. He was nominated as a Rajya Sabha member too. The lyrics he wrote for many Telugu films were big hits and popular.

He was born in a remote village Hanumajipet, in Karimnagar district on July 29, 1931. He completed Post Graduation and Doctorate in Telugu literature from Osmania University. Later, he became a lecturer in the same university.

The interesting part of his education is that Cinaare studied in Urdu medium till his graduation. Later, he got attracted towards Telugu literature and created literary wonders in Telugu. He is the second Telugu poet to receive Jnanpith. Renowned writer Viswanath Satyanarayana was the first Telugu writer to receive the honour.

Though he received Jnanpith for his work Viswambhara, he dedicated his work to his close friend and founder of Rajyalakshmi Foundation, Ramanaiah Raja. Viswambhara was first published in the year 1980. Some universities made this work a part of M.A. curriculum.

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