Vikram, Son Of Former Minister Mukesh Goud, Suffers Gunshot Wounds

Vikram Goud is unable to explain who shot him. Did he attempt suicide?

Hyderabad: Son of former Congress Minister Mukesh Goud, Vikram, suffered serious gunshot wounds at his residence on Friday early morning under mysterious circumstances.

A heavily bleeding Vikram was rushed to Apollo Hospitals in Jubilee Hills, where doctors removed two bullets from his body. West Zone DCP A Venkateshwar Rao has described his condition as a�?steadya�?.

Police said Vikram has been unable to explain how the attack took place. He had wanted to visit a temple early on Friday morning, along with his wife Shefali. The former ministera��s son was shot before they could leave for the temple.

Family Dispute Suspected

DCP Venkateshwar Rao said family disputes could be the reason for the incident. However, Vikrama��s uncle Madhu Goud has maintained there have been no disputes in the family. a�?We dona��t know who the assailants are,a�? Madhu Goud stated.

A Clues Team is collecting evidence from the scene. Two empty bullets shells relating to a short weapon have been recovered.

Vikrama��s wife Shefali has not expressed doubts against anyone in her complaint. Police are wondering who cleaned up the blood stains from the spot.

According to police, the ministera��s son does not possess a licensed weapon. There is no evidence that outsiders had come into the heavily guarded residence. The security guard was in the outhouse when the shooting took place.

Questions being asked are: Who shot Vikram if no one else had come in from outside? Who else was present in the house? Did people within the house shoot him or had Vikram tried to commit suicide using a weapon?

Police are continuing their investigations along these lines.

Speaking about the incident, Shefali said she and her husband wanted to visit a temple on the occasion of Sravana Sukravaram. By the time she came out of the bathroom, she found that Vikram had suffered gunshot wounds. He was taken to the Apollo Hospital immediately.

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