Vikram Goud Arrested As Soon As He Was Discharged From The Hospital

The sensational attempt to murder case of Vikram Goud, son of former minister Mukesh Goud has finally turned out to be a staged act with the victim being the mastermind behind the incident. The police arrested him immediately after he was discharged from the hospital.

Hyderabad: The Police have arrested Vikram Goud, son of former minister Mukesh GoudA�on Thursday. Vikram, who enacted a drama of attempt to murder for sympathy and got admitted to the hospital, was taken into custody by the Banjara Hills police, immediately after he was discharged.

Vikram was taken to the court directly from the hospitals.A� The police filed cases against him and others for misleading the police, and arrested six people along with Vikram in the case.

Vikram Goud was shot at in the early hours ofA�FridayA�and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The police, who started an investigation based on the statement given by Vikrama��s wife Shefali, finally found out that it was Vikram who staged his own shooting.

Vikram, who nursed political aspirations, thought such an act would get him some sympathy from his voters. Besides, as a business man, he was said to be in financial crisis and was hounded by financiers. To escape from this, he planned the entire shoot out six months ago, the police said.

As the police couldna��t find any evidence to confirm that someone else shot Vikram, they started suspecting his role. When the police started digging in the direction and questioned Vikram, he spilt the beans and admitted that he had planned the whole thing.

With the information they got from questioning Vikram, the police arrested five people and booked a case against him. While Vikram Goud was made A1 accused in the case,A�Nandu was made A2, Shaikh Ahmed A3, Rayees Khan A4, Babu Jaan A5, and Govind Reddy A6.

The police are also searching for the other two: Venkata Ramana alias Chinna and Ghouse, who have been absconding. They also recovered the gun which was thrown into a water body in Hakeempet after they completed their task.

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