Vijay Chander Finds Fault with Murali Mohan

HYDERABAD: Responding on Movie Artists Association (MAA) election results, senior actor Vijay Chander opined that Rajendra Prasad’s victory over Jayasudha is only because of opposition against outgoing MAA President Murali Mohan.

The MAA election results were announced here on Friday by the returning officer Ram Mohan.  Speaking on this occasion, Chander said that artists faced troubles during Mohan’s regime.The artists divided into groups while he behaved like a monarch. Murali Mohan politicized the elections seriously to make his candidate win, but the artists put a check to his atrocities with their vote and taught him a lesson, Chander said.

Murali Mohan never cared small-time artists. Meanwhile, Prasad is an artist who came from ground level and knows the problems of the artists. Hence, artists decided to make Prasad the president. The results reflected the same, he said. (NSS)

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