Vidya Balan’s strong social message: Dona��t judge by appearances

Lata Jain

Whata��s the first thing that we do when meeting a new person? We judge! Well, judging someone by their appearance is an inherent human instinct I suppose. If that was not enough, people end up making wrong judgments.
Dona��t judge a women by her looks, judging a women on the basis of her looks is trivial is the story line of this documentary featuring Vidya Balan.This bollywood Diva,A�features as a ‘sutradhar’ along with four TV stars of Bengal in a music video. Vidya is seen in the video with actresses Aparajita Ghosh, Tumpa Gosh, Madhumita Sarkar and Sudipta Chakraborty.
Carrying A strong message, this video by Nihar Naturals, explores a group of masked women dancing without any reservations on the streets of Kolkata with the masks depicting equality.
I have been associated with Nihar for over five years and I am extremely glad to be with a brand that believes in encouraging women to enable them to achieve their full potential.
“I feel women are judged all the time, they are judged by the length of their hair, the clothes they wear, the way they talk and the way they walk. Women just need encouragement to be themselves, just a little nudge. So, please dona��t judge,” Vidya said in a statement.
I wonder if we never had the ability to judge people by their appearance, what could have been the pros and the cons. I have a feeling the pros would outweigh the cons. Well, the saving grace is that to judge or not to judge is still a decision that I can make. Thank God for that!
Nihar Naturals has arranged a toll free number 1800 121 4849 for women who want to speak their bitter experiences. This is to encourage women to break the stereotype and speak their bitter experiences.

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