VHP and Bajrang Dal warn against Valentine’s Day events, demand ban

Hyderabad: Dubbing Valentine’s Day celebration on February 14 every year as nothing but a mania, Telangana State Vishwa Hindu Parishath president Rama Raju has observed that boys and girls indulging in indiscriminate obscene acts in the name of celebration is a social crime and it should be proscribed as it vitiates Indian culture and traditions.

Releasing a poster against Valentine’s Day by Bajrang Dal here on Friday, VHP city convener Vireshalingam said they have been opposing the Valentine’s Day event for the past ten years as it is anti-Hindu and anti-Indian culturally. “We are totally against Western events like Kissing Day, Hugging Day, etc. He also alleged that pubs and bars have been encouraging obscene Western culture in Hyderabad city and making centres of learning like colleges and schools as hubs of amorous activities. He said the Bajrang Dal won’t keep quiet and warned of dire consequences if any pubs or bars organize Valentine’s Day events.

The VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders appealed to the youth not to participate in such events and condemn them. Those who participate in the Valentine’s Day event would be given counseling in the presence of their families. The Telangana Bajrang Dal posters released on Friday demanded that the government ban Valentine’s Day celebrations and protect Indian culture. Bajrang Dal leaders Jeevan, Vijay Sharma, Mukesh and others were present. -NSS

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