Venky With Pawan in Trivikrama��s Flick

Victory Venkatesh will be seen with Power Star Pawan Kalyan in upcoming Trivikrama��s flick in cameo role.

Hyderabad: It will be once again a feast for Pawan and Venkatesh fans. Both these actors will be seen on screen in the upcoming Trivikrama��s flick.

Pawana��s 25th flick is going at brisk pace in Saradhi studios which will be released on September 21st.

Both Venkatesh and Pawan kalyan have good relations. They acted together in a�?Gopala Gopalaa�� earlier.

When Trivikram is looking for a senior actor who can do a cameo role, it is said that Pawan suggested the name of Venkatesh without any hesitation.

Venkatesh, who worked with Trivikram in Malleswari and Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav gave positive nod for the proposal.

Venkatesh’s role will be for just 3 minutes in the flick with comedy track in between.

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