Venky donates Rs 12.5 lakh prize money from MEK to Mahesha��s trust

Hyderabad: It may be worth mentioning here that the multi-starrer of the present generation was started with a�?Sitamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettua�� wherein Victory Venkatesh and Super Star Maheshbabu shared the screen. The film reveals what kind of bond shared by brothers in a family with lesser words but higher bonding.

Even years after the completion of the film too the bonding is continuing between those two. In some of the audio functions, we can see and hear Venkatesh and Mahesh calling the other as brother. The bond is still continuing and that was proved on the Ugadi day, when Venkatesh attended the a�?Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudua�� show being hosted by Chiranjeevi. Of course it is understood that the programme was conducted as part of a�?Gurua�� film promotion.

During the show Chiru asks Venkatesh as to how he wanted to spend the prize money. Then Venkatesh says, a�?My brother Maheshbabu had adopted a village and he had launched a trust to monitor the development of the village. As I trust Maheshbabu, I am going to donate the prize money to the trust which could use the amount for some development activity in the village.a�� Immediately, Chiru recalled, a�?In that film you used to fill Mahesha��s pocket with moneya�? and cracked a joke that a�?now Venky wanted to fill the pocket of Mahesha��s trust.a�?

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