Venkaiah urges opposition to play a constructive role

HYDERABAD: Union Minister for Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu urged the opposition parties to play a constructive role in helping the Government to meet the aspirations of the people.

Speaking to media here on Sunday, VenkaiahA�Naidu, who is also Parliamentary Affairs Minister,A�said the only way the people can meet their hopes and genuine aspirations was through quick economic recovery and sustainable double digit economic growth.

Referring indirectly to the impasse in parliament on land acquisition bill, the union minister said it was unfortunate that for political reasons, developmental efforts of the BJP government were now being stalled. This would prove detrimental to our people.

HeA�pooh-poohed the opposition partiesa�� allegation on the Land Acquisition Bill, and said the Centre had suggested changes on the inputs from the state government as NDA government had convened a meeting of revenue ministers of all states and UTs in June 2014.

They had said that it was impossible to acquire land underA�some of the existing provisions and the retrospective application of this Act would make several ongoing infrastructure projects unviable. They wanted these provisions to be revisited.

The need of the hour was to play politics of development and not pitching politics against development, he said and added a�?we have played enough of politics for several decades, and it is now time to evolve a consensusa�?.

The union minister termed the general budget as pro-people budget which marked another steady stride towards growth. Denying the opposition allegations that it was a pro-corporate budget, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said the allegations were far from truth. (NSS)

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