Venkaiah Naidu To Be VP, BJP Rejig In AP, TS Soon

BJP is keen on conquering the South. It is focusing on the two Telugu States. What to do with Venkaiah Naidu is the question before the leadership

Hyderabad: The BJP is fine tuning its strategy to conquer the South. In spite of the BJP strongman in Karnataka Yeddyurappa being caught distributing currency notes to voters, the party hopes to overcome the perceptional problems once Prime Minister Narendra Modi starts his campaign. SM Krishna, a stalwart in Karnataka politics, who joined the BJP recently, will be an asset. Winning in Karnataka is not going to be a problem for the BJP.

In Tamil Nadu, the party pinned its hopes on Super Star Rajinikanth. But the star is blinking being indecisive. O Panneerselvam is another hope. Still, the Tamil politics is essentially Dravidian-centric where the BJP finds it difficult to gain a foothold. In Kerala also, it is going to be long haul for the saffron party.

It is in the two Telugu States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana that the BJP is planning to be aggressive. For the party to grow in the two States some tough measures are essential. The first and foremost would be the question of dealing with former party president and Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu. BJP President Amit Shaw is understood to be of the opinion that as long as Venkaiah Naidu is active in the party , he will be batting for another Naidu,

Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. Amit Shaw and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are acutely aware of the problem in order to solve which they might propose to make Venkaiah Vice President of the republic. Once he moves up, Venkaiah Naidu will be out of the way. Then, Amit Shaw can implement his plan to make Veer Raju the president of the AP unit of the party. Once the shadow of Venkaiah Naidu is out of the way, the party can grow leaps and bounds in AP and Telangana, said a senior BJP leader in Hyderabad.

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