Venkaiah Naidu Addresses Motkupalli Narsimhulu As Governor-In-Waiting

Did Venkaiah Naidu jump the gun by spilling the beans about Motkupalli Narsimhulu?

Hyderabad: The Vice-President-Elect Venkaiah Naidu, who was in Hyderabad on Wednesday, gave sweet news to the TDP senior leader Motkupally Narsimhulu.

Though there was neither speculation nor official announcement regarding this development, Naidu’s revealed secret is taken seriously.

Naidu addressing Motkupalli as Governor-in-waiting shocked not only just him but everyone around him. He told Motkupalli that he would hear the good news soon.

Naidu, who will be sworn in a few days, has been attending various programmes in both the Telugu States. On Wednesday, when he was in the city, many leaders from across the parties came to meet and congratulate him.

When Motkupalli met him, Naidu spilt the beans stunning everyone. This behaviour is much unexpected of Naidu, who always treads cautiously and never jumps the gun when it comes to official matters.

Once he assumes office as vice president, he will have to act according to constitutional regulations. He seems to be preparing for the task. A great orator and gregarious leader, Naidu cannot continue these traits like before, after assuming office.

As the news is straight from the horse’s mouth, other leaders started congratulating Motkupalli , as well, in advance.

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