Vemulavada MLA Ramesh Faces Set Back After Centre Confirms Him As German Citizen

Chennamaneni Ramesh, TRS MLA of Vemulavaada constituency faced set back after centre confirmed that he is still a citizen of Germany.

Vemulavaada: TRS MLA Ch.Ramesh faced major setback on Tuesday when Central Home Department confirmed that he is still a citizen of Germany.

This will certainly show impact on his continuance as MLA. As per our Constitution, a person, who happens to be citizen of another country, does not hold the right to contest in the elections.

Adi Srinivas, filed a case in HC demanding that 2009 election should be declared as void as Ramesh holds the German Citizenship. HC then directed the case to central Home Ministry to decide about Ramesh’s citizenship.

Ch. Ramesh was elected as TDP MLA from Vemulavaada constituency and in 2010 by election as TRS candidate. In 2014, he won as MLA from TRS party as the case was pending in Supreme Court at that time.

Adi Srinivas then approached Supreme Court seeking the vacation of the stay and finally on Tuesday Central Home Ministry confirmed that Ramesh is a citizen of Germany, who worked as a professor there.

Ramesh is son of freedom fighter, late Ch. Rajeswara Rao and nephew of Maharashtra Governor Vidyasagara Rao.

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