Veltech University launches Society in Tirupati to promote satellite technologies

Dara Gopi

Tirupati: The Chennai-based Veltech Dr RR & Dr SR University, popularly known as Veltech University, has announced the launch of Society for Small Satellite Systems to promote satellite technology and encourage students to take up scientific research. University Vice-President KVD Kishore Kumar, announced the launch of the society in Tirupati.

He said that the university has taken the lead in initiating the formation of the society involving various prestigious universities, engineering and technology colleges and industry across the country. This would also significantly contribute to the space technology area and enable creation of future space technologists and scientists, he added. The society would also work to bring the scientists, researchers, industrialists, students and professors on to a single forum for enabling discussions, leading to emergence of future system in this area, he added.

Kishore Kumar further said that the university that was established in 1997 in a small way had established a research park where Indian and foreign students are working on projects in front-end technology areas. The university has been an active participant in an international initiative called Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate (CDIO). The first year students have successfully completed about 173 projects.

University’s aerospace research director, DVA Raghava Murthy, said the potential of using satellites in areas such as agriculture, forestery, geology, hydrology, water resources, urban and town planning is immense. Raghava Murthy, who was earlier Project Director of Cartosat-1, IMS-1, Youthsat and SARAL-Spacecraft Missions in ISRO and later went on to become Director, Earth Observations System at ISRO HQ, said that the university was exploring every opportunity to promote aerospace technology.

He said that small satellites, using miniaturization and nano technology, are able to do what the big satellites used to do earlier. With the increased demands of society, space-based observation has become an essential part of e-governance in all countries having capabilities to design and develop satellites.

Raghava Murthy further said that small satellites with big capabilities can be built at low cost in less time and can be launched in multiple numbers at a time. This enables the formation of constellation of satellites that can do a bigger job than a single big satellite in low earth orbit, he added.

He further said that in order to make such systems and utilize them effectively, there is an urgent need to do capacity building in the country in the areas of small satellite research, fabrication and applications. Also the small satellites have become a viable option for many commercial applications, including Leo Communications, internationally. To support domestic requirements and to compete in international market, space technologists and scientists are to be generated, with hands-on experience, for which there is an urgent need to make a forum like the “Society for Small Satellite Systems (4S)” said Raghava Murthy.

V Koteswara Rao, former scientific secretary at ISRO, welcomed the university’s initiative and sought to advise the university to bring universities, organisations and industries together through conferences and periodic workshops where the satellite technologies and applications could be introduced. Such platforms could also used to train and involve the people in designing, project planning, production, and business model development for start-ups.

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