Vasan gives a shock to Sonia

  • Resigns from the Congress

  • Revives Tamil Maanila Congress

  • Promises Kamaraj rule in TN

  • First State to revolt against top leadership


New Delhi, November 3: Within less than six months of the unprecedented drubbing in the general elections, the Congress party received its rudest shock on Monday when GK Vasan announced his resignation from the party. The Congress party in Tamil Nadu has split into two with the departure of the son of Karupaiah Moopanar promising to bring back Kamaraj rule in the State. Tamil Nadu is the first State that saw a vertical split in the national party. Though there has been a sort of mutiny in Assam no established leader had left the party so far.

Vasan has announced that he would revive Tamil Maanila Congress that was established by his father two decades ago. Moopanar had Chidambaram for company at that time. But the former union finance minister is understood to be at loggerheads with the younger leader Vasan. Chidambaram and his son had visited the party office to congratulate EVKS Elangovan, former union minister, on his appointment as Tamil Nadu PCC chief. Vasan’s resignation can be seen as a protest against the appointment.

Vasan has expressed his anguish at the attitude of the central leadership of the party. He criticized, in a polite manner, the party’s top leadership for not bestowing attention on a State in which the party has been out of power for 48 years. He said there is a lack system and the merit is not given its due recognition. He told the media, after resigning from the party, that he is following the line provided by his cadres. “I am a leader because I have cadres with me. They are upset with the central leadership of the party for not giving merit its due weight. In other words, they are angry with the top leadership for ignoring the credentials of their leader Vasan for the top party post in the State.

In his interview to Times Now, English TV news channel, Vasan repeatedly spoke about lack of system and lack of recognition for merit. He also repeatedly told Arnab Goswami, who interviewed him, that he would strive to establish Kamaraj rule in Tamil Nadu.  Answering a pointed question on the possibility of his joining the BJP, Vasan said there is no such possibility because his ideology is entirely different from the ideology of the BJP and his cadres are different from BJP cadres. His political philosophy is akin to his father’s and his endeavour would be to walk in the footsteps of his father and his mentor Kamaraj Nadar, former AICC president.

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