Vangaveeti Radha Files Defamtion Case Against RGV

To regain the lost image, Radha is once again bringing his fathera��s name into picture.

Vijayawada: A criminal defamation case was filed against film Director Ram Gopal verma, Producer Dasari Kiran Kumar and co-producer Sudhir Chandra for biopic on Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao which was released on 23 December 2016. Vangaveeti Radha, son of slain Vangaveeti Ranga filed a case in Vijayawda Metropolitan sessions court on Wednesday which lead to speculations as case was filed four months after the film was released.

Biopic related to gang warfare between two groups of different communities happened during 1980a��s was released with huge tensions in the city last year. Even the talks between Director RGV and Radha were not fruitful.

Radha, who filed the defamation case said that the director made biopic without knowledge of actual incidents that happened during 80a��s. Radha further added that dialogues in the movie are in such a way that Ranga and his brother Radha Krishna were rowdy sheeters and who were shown in poor light.

I approached police and registered a case to stop screening of the movie, Ranga followers are deeply hurt, Director should apologise for insulting Ranga and Radja, Radha urged Magistrate to take proper action against Director and producer.

The case was postponed for hearing on Thursday.

Radha is in YSRC right now. He has not been very active after losing 2014 elections. He was in charge City YSRC. The job has been given to Vellampalli Srinivas a few months ago by YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

To regain the lost image, Radha is once again bringing his fathera��s name into picture. Vangaveeti Ranga is known as a mass leader from Kapu community during 80a��s. He has a huge following in six Coastal districts where Kapu community is strong. Now Radha wants to reunite Kapus in the name of Radha-Ranga Mithramandali. Radhaa��s future in politics looks bleak without support from the community which was saving their family after Rangaa��s brutal murder in Vijayawada City in 1989.

Only option available for Vangaveeti Radha is to focus on Rangaa��s associates who are in small number in coastal districts.

Political sources say there is a big game plan behind this drama on RGV. Vangaveeti Radha is titling towards Jana Sena for 2019 elections and at the same time he wants to make Kapu community vote bank swing towards Pawan kalyan without any split in votes. He started the ground work and for this he took RGVa��s Vangaveeti biopic as a part of his plan.

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