Vacate Hostels, Says Osmania VC In Open Letter To Non-Boarders

Ramachandram pointed out that boarders, by not vacating hostels despite completing their courses, are doing great injustice to the dreams and goals of new students.

Hyderabad: Osmania University Vice Chancellor S Ramachandram on Wednesday wrote an open letterA�appealing to non-boarders overstaying in the hostels to vacate their rooms immediately, so that new students could be allotted rooms.

Otherwise, he felt, injustice will be done to new comers from diverse backgrounds, who will be stepping into the university with considerable hopes.A�Following is an abridged version of the letter:

a�?Many students join the university after a lot of struggle for social and economic empowerment. You (non-boarders) very well know their social and economic conditions. New students arrive at the university to come out of such conditions. The responsibility of providing them amenities lies with university officials. Without having proper accommodation, food, and environment, the students cannot empower themselves.

However, the hostel amenities and budget are not reaching the beneficiaries. The reason for this is solely non-boarders. They are overstaying in the hostels even after completing their courses. With this, the students are losing opportunity to join hostels and (are missing out on their) educational opportunities. It is my official and also my moral responsibility as Osmania University Vice Chancellor to provide new students the academic experience.

I heartfully request you to vacate the hostels keeping the future of the newly joining students. Otherwise, you will be doing great injustice to the students, their dreams and goals. All of us should strive to see that Osmania University is accessible to every student. Then only can we take the university to the pinnacle in education and research fields.a�?

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