Use IT for Better Healthcare: KCR

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao today exhorted the government and private hospitals to make combined efforts in using latest Information Technology for providing better medical services to the people, besides setting up an expert health advisory board in the State.

“The Government plans to set up a health advisory board with expert doctors”,  he said and stressed the need for domestic manufacture of stents and other medical devices to reduce the import costs of costly medical equipment to treat cardiac and other major health problems.

During a high-level meeting with a team of doctors, led by noted Cardiologist Dr. Soma Raju, Dr. Kashi Raju and Dr. Krishna Reddy at Secretariat here, KCR said the State Government wants to replicate Tamil Nadu type of medical policy in providing the best medical services through government hospitals. For this, a State-level advisory board comprising expert doctors to suggest steps to overcome challenges, create awareness, provide the best treatment, health care and medical services should be set up, he said.

Offering total assistance on behalf of the government, the Chief Minister asked them to focus on connecting e-health campuses with the government hospitals in districts and villages to provide online and spontaneous medical services, besides diagnosis and treatment and shift the patients only during emergencies to the city.

The Corporate Hospitals should focus on emergency healthcare during seasonal changes, containing the spread of contagious diseases and accident cases to enable the patients get affordable treatment, he said. He also asked the team to expand its manufacturing capabilities to produce locally the devices for key and other important medical services instead of importing and bring down the expenses on the patients.

He expressed concerns that many devices being implanted into the patients are being imported. “Instead, we can develop and produce such devices here to slash the cost”, he opined.

The Chief Minister stated there are only five corporate hospitals in the twin cities that are giving better medical services and they should set up health campuses to offer the best healthcare services and medical facilities. (NSS)

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