USCIS Announces New Initiative To Detect H1-B Visa Fraud

Washington DC:A�U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on April 3 that it is taking a new initiative to detect and deter H1-B visa abuse and fraud.

The agency stated on its website that the H1-B visa program should help recruit highly skilled foreign nationals, when there is a shortage of qualified workers in America. Yet, there are too many America workers equally qualified and deserving jobs, USCIS stated.

The initiative will focus on targeted companies that have violated the rules of the program. USCIS members will visit with or without advanced notice to examine and investigate companies across the country.

The targeted approach will identify the companies that USCIS cannot validate the line of business of the employer through commercially available data. Also, those employers who have depended too much on H1-B visa and have a high ratio of H1-B workers compared to American workers.

USCIS also has provided email address for those who want to report any H1-B visa fraud happening in the country. The agency stated that it would help them identify employers for further investigation.

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