US warns Pakistan on terrorist groups

We will act if you don’t: Washington

The United States is reported to have warned Pakistan that if the country does not act against the terrorist groups, Washington will not hesitate to act alone to eradicate the menace.

Adam Szubin, acting under secretary on Countering the Financing of Terrorism, told media persons in Washington on Saturday that  “the problem is that there are forces within the Pakistani government — specifically in Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI — that refuse to take similar steps against all the terrorist groups active in Pakistan, tolerating some groups — or even worse.”

“We continue to urge our partners in Pakistan to go after all terrorist networks operating in their country. We stand ready to help them. But there should be no doubt that while we remain committed to working with Pakistan to confront ongoing terrorist financing and operations, the US will not hesitate to act alone, when necessary, to disrupt and destroy these networks,” Szubin stressed.

This is the first time, in recent times, that the US had issued a stern warning to its ally over terrorism. Previous requests and warnings have gone largely unheeded because the political and military establishments in Pakistan view the US as a necessary evil. The general impression in the government and the Army is Americans need Pakistan more than it needs them to fight Taliban in Afghanistan. With most of the American and allied troops pulling out of Afghanistan and American military aid to Pakistan trickling down and Islamabad cozying up with Beijing, it is doubtful whether the US warning will have a desired effect on Pakistan.

The warning looks more like pleasing India and supporting Delhi’s drive to isolate Pakistan diplomatically.

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