US To Redesign Green Cards To Tackle Counterfeit

US redesigns permanent resident cards to proactively deter document tampering and fraud.

Washington:: The United States immigration agency announced Wednesday, April 19, that it would redesign the green cards or permanent resident cards to counter document tampering and fraud.

The redesigns will use enhanced graphics and fraud-resistant security features, the agency website stated.

The US immigration agency or USCIS has been actively working to block illegal immigrants entering the country. Now, the agency has taken the task of redesigning not only just the green cards, but also the Employment Authorization Documents or EADs to counter fraud.

The new Trump administration has been vocal against illegal immigration. Redesign can be seen as a part of that policy, and as an effort to enhance document security.

USCIS will be issuing these new cards starting from May 1. The new cards will have individual photos on both sides and will no longer display the individuala��s signature.

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