US Presidential debates to be streamed live on Twitter

Washington: US Presidential elections are of much interest throughout the world. Millions of people love watching debates between Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Twitter partnered with Bloomberg TV to live stream all debates starting on Monday, 26 September. Twitter entered into the role of modern politics when it received over 1 billion impressions and 10 million tweets during the first Presidential debate in 2012.

First Presidential debate will be streamed on Monday followed by Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday, 4 October. The second and third Presidential debates will be streamed on 9 October and 19 October respectively.

Bloomberg TV as part of social media partnership streams on through the @bpolitics Twitter account. The debates will also be streamed on recently launched Apple TV and on its various native apps via Moments. In addition to debates, commentary and analysis will be streamed 30 minute before and after debates.

Twitter, with this engagement, enters into a new league of live TV. It requires high end technology to be able to engage millions of viewers on live stream. It would be interesting to watch if the social media giant would be able to handle the prime time.

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