US President Trumpa��s Old Car Sold for whooping Price Of ……

Celebritiesa�� items, auction or resale, people will go crazy

Washington: People go crazy wheneverA�celebritiesa�� items are auctioned. We have seen in India about the resale of bikes, cars, and any items used byA�film celebrities, fetching huge profits.

Here is another example, but it is in the USA�– aA�car once used by the current American President Donald Trump.

Ferrari F 430, a model was purchased by Trump in the year 2004. He sold itA�in 2008 after driving it for about 3,000 miles with an approximate amount of $1,86, 900. Now the current car owner drove it for another 6,000 miles and kept for sale. Any guess on the price? It was sold forA�whopping $2,78,000, a price higher than the actual price.

The car was used for 13 years, but still theA�resale price was more than the actual price, and it is due to the craze forA�Trump, says the buyer.

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