US Marine instructor “ran a clothes dryer with a Muslim recruit inside”

Washington, D.C.: A Muslim Marine says that he was ordered to step inside an industrial clothes dryer at the Marine boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina. He was ordered by an inebriated drill instructor who wanted to know if he was a ‘terrorist’ and was ‘part of 9/11’, according to an investigation documents that provided new information about the alleged abuse of recruits at the Marine service’s training center.

The Muslim Marine recruit, who believes that he was targeted for harassment by the drill instructors because of his Muslim religion and faith, suffered severe burns on his shoulders and neck after the drill instructor turned the industrial clothes dryer on multiple times.

“You’re going to kill us all the first chance you get, aren’t you? What are your plans? Aren’t you a terrorist?”, the drill instructor thundered at the recruit, according to the news reports.

According to a Marine official, 1 of the 2 drill instructors who are involved in the 2015 dryer incident, was the same drill instructor who was involved in similar incident on March 18 when a 20 year old recruit Raheel Siddiqui of Taylor, Mich who had Pakistani roots died after leaping from a three storied stair wall that was nearly 40 feet high while running away from the same drill instructor who used the industrial clothes dryer on him. The instructor had slapped Siddiqui moments before he jumped. Siddiqui’s death drew public scrutiny to a culture of harsh punishments at the Marine service’s training center, Parris Island — one that Marine officials were already examining.

Siddiqui’s death triggered a Marine broad investigation into hazing and abuse of the Marine recruits. Last week, service officials had announced that 20 members of the Parris Island’s staff could face administrative disciplinary actions and criminal charges following the conclusion of 3 investigations into various abuse allegations. It was disclosed that the investigations found that Siddiqui’s drill instructor should not have been allowed to oversee Marine recruits while he was still being investigated for his role in the earlier 2015 hazing incident.

The drill instructors were also drunk sometimes on the job, bringing Fireball whiskey to work on at least one of the occasion, recruits told the investigators.

News reports also suggest that marine recruits who were abused were also warned that “snitches get stitches”. Drill instructors also bribed recruits with protein bars and other things to keep them quiet, according to the documents.

A retired senior enlisted Marine said, drill instructors are directed specifically not to discriminate against recruits on the basis of religion, race or colour and anyone who saw such discrimination should have stood up against it.

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