US Launches Military Strikes In Syria

US strikes an airbase in Syria in retaliation to the chemical attack. 50 to 60 Tomahawk missiles were fired.

Washington (D.C.): The United States on Thursday, April 6, launched an attack on the Syrian airbase in retaliation to the chemical airstrike that killed more than 100 civilians and wounded about 500.

a�?I ordered a military strike on the airbase from where the attack was launched,a�? said President Donald Trump in a video statement released by the White House. About 50 to 60 Tomahawk missiles were fired into Syria, as per the reports.

Assad chocked out the lives of children and women, even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered, Trump said in the video.

There is no dispute that Syria has used a�?banned chemical weapons.a�? The region is deeply destabilized threatening the US and its allies, he said. Peace and harmony will in the end prevail, he concluded.

The attack on Tuesday was one of the deadliest attacks in the recent years, according to the Syrian activist groups. The attack resembled the 2013 attacks conducted by Bashar al-Assad Government on multiple cities in Syria.

The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that there is a�?no doubta�? that the Assad regime is behind the attack. Tillerson spoke much more harshly Thursday than his initial reaction to the attack when he said that the Syrians would decide about their own leader.

Trump administration has shifted its policy on the attack soon after. At the United Nation, Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, spoke emotionally about the tragedy. Haley showed the pictures of children gasping for air after inhaling poisonous gas brought by the attack. Her harsh rhetoric and clear message indicated a shift in the policy.

Trump later condemned the attack, and when a reporter asked for his policy, he said that they would soon find out. He said that there wouldna��t be any element of surprise if he revealed it.

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