US President Trump Says The Congressmen Shooter is Dead

An unidentified person shot at least four people, including third-ranking Republican Steve Scalise, in Virginia. The shooter is reportedly dead.

Virginia: An unidentified person shot at least four people, including third-ranking Republican Steve Scalise, on June 14 around 9:30 am at Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia, where the Congressmen were practicing for an annual baseball game scheduled for the next day.

President Trump, breaking the news in his speech, said that the assailant has died.

All the people injured are taken to the hospital, and the injuries are not life threatening, as per police. Scalise was shot on the hip.

a�?I want to reassure the community here in Alexandria that the city is indeed safe,a�? said Michael Brown, Alexandria Police chief giving an update.

Two Capitol Hill police were present at the scene, along with Congressmen and Capitol Hill employees, when an unidentified person started firing rounds of bullets at them. The suspect was reportedly using an M1 handgun with multiple magazines. The people had to hide in a dugout for safety. The people who saw the firing firsthand were not sure how long the firing went on.

Five people were transported to the hospital, but the police didna��t say if the suspect was one of them. The police havena��t said anything about the identity of the suspect as of yet.

When asked if it was a terrorist attack the FBI special Agent Tim Slater said that it was too early to say, but he said there are working on both sides. Not sure if ita��s an assassination attempt, he said.

Since the federal police was injured in the shooting, the Alexandria police handed over the case to the FBI.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe congratulated the efforts of Alexandria police, and said that gun violence has been in rise in the country and about 98 people are getting killed on average everyday because of gun violence.

The annual baseball game is for kidsa�� charity and both Republicans and Democrats participate in the game. The game scheduled for tomorrow could be postponedA�because of the incident.

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