Updating oneself is essential to serve for golden Telangana : KCR

HYDERABAD: Exhorting the leaders of the TRS to learn regularly and update from time to time to transform the newly achieved state into a golden Telangana, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao underscored the need for good governance with a focus on welfare of the poor. The state economic growth has to surpass other states in the country in terms of development, he said.

Addressing the Ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs and ZP Chairpersons at a three-day training camp at Vijay Vihar in Nagarjuna Sagaron Saturday, Rao stated that life is too small to learn, and the leaders used to stop working after getting ministerial posts, which is wrong.

a�?We need to excel others in serving the society for the uplift of the poor through persistent efforts and commitmenta�? he averred. He exuded confidence that training classes and interactive sessions will help solve all issues amicably. We need to deliver the goods with innovative ideas and implement better schemes through active involvement for the cause of the poor and deprived classes in the state, he said.

The Chief Minister appealed to the leaders to avoid hesitation to learn in the chosen domain, as a person cannot excel in every field.

a�?We got Telangana after fighting against decadesa�� long discrimination, bigotry and looting by successive governments, and now, our aim is to develop the state in all fieldsa�?, he said.

Expressing content at Hanumantha Raoa��s remarks, he said that Mission Kakatiya would be implemented more effectively, besides offering education to the poorest of the poor down the lane to serve the purpose of globalization. The economists had played a key role at the national level and saw Telangana struggle, he said.

A one day interactive session will be conducted at Hyderabad once in six months in future, he added. (NSS)

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