Update: Nayeema��s victims narrate miserable tales

  • The gangster was James in Chhattisgarh
  • Hundreds of land documents found
  • More persons arrested

(Primepost Bureau)

Hyderabad: Tales of agony of those who were threatened and blackmailed by gangster Nayeemuddin have been coming to light ever since he was gunned down in an encounter by the police in Telangana. The skeletons are tumbling out of the box once the doors are opened. The dreaded gangster was killed on 8 August 2016 near Hyderabad. A�a�?Give me two crores of rupees. Otherwise I would give you Rs 50 lakhs and you have to register your building in my name. Or else, I would simply kill your childrena��. That was the chilling message conveyed to Sunchu Narahari, the owner of Electronic and Sanitation shop at Bhuvanagiri. In a complaint to the police, Narahari said the Nayeem men gave him hell every hour by intimidating him by threatening to kill his children. He told the police on Thursday thus: a�?Nayeema��s men Pasham Seenu and Sandela Sudhakar told me on 10 July 2015 that Bhai (Nayeem) wants to meet me. They took me to LB Nagar in Hyderabad. From there I was asked to get into a big, black car. I was blindfolded. Pasham Seenu and two unknown persons were there in the car with me. We traveled for 45 minutes before entering a spacious building. Six armed girls frisked me when Nayeem came out showing two fingers saying a�?pay two croresa��, Sudhakar narrated. A�Sudhakar A�said, a�?Do you mean two lakhs?a��. Nayeem then retorted saying that he cannot buy undergarments for his two thousand children with Rs 2 lakhs. He rudely said, a�?I mean Rs 2 crores, idiot. If you cannot pay Rs 2 crores, I will give you Rs 50 lakhs and you have to register the bungalow opposite Gandhi Park at Bhuvanagiri in my namea��.A� He had other proposals too. a�?He suggested that I should live in ground floor of the bungalow and give him the first floor or I should kill Gadar and Varavara Rao, theA� revolutionary poets, or give him three weapons A�to kill Naxalitesa��, Sudhakar told the police. a�?If you say no to all the suggestions, I will kill both the children and rest of your familya��, said Nayeem with a finality.

a�?I begged him to let me goa��

a�?I begged him to let me go. I told him even if I dispose of all my properties I will not be able to mobilize that kind of huge amount. At the end of a prolonged mental torture he showed me a piece paper where the letters indicated Rs 30 lakhs. After some more pleading, he changed the figure to Rs 25 lakhs and told me it is up to me accept it or reject ita��. Nayeem also said, a�?From today you are my man. Nobody would touch you. If you encounter any problem then call me. Take my mobile number. Or call Seenua��, he ordered. I returned home with that piece of paper in hand. From that moment onwards Seenu, Puli Raju and other Nayeema��s men were harassing by calling me every hour to ask if the amount was ready. They came to my house and shop. One day Puli Raju gave an ultimatum saying, a�?If you dona��t pay the amount by 8 pm tonight, you will face the wrath of Bhai. Your family would be finisheda��. a�?Horrified, I begged and borrowed from 15 persons and mobilized the amount. Then Nayeema��s henchmen came, counted the currency notes and took them awaya�� said Narahari crying hysterically.

SIT arrests one more driver

The SIT appointed by Telagana State government to investigate the atrocities perpetrated by Maoist turned police informant turned gangster is probing from different angles. One of them is to know how many properties were registered in Nayeema��s name or in the name of his henchmen. The police suspect that some officials in the Registrara��s office were hand-in-glove with the criminal. The police have zeroed in on one particular official who is working at Bhuvanagiri registrara��s office. He was understood have played a key role in getting disputed lands registered in the name of Nayeem and his men and women. The police have found two sports bags full of registration documents and hundreds of SIM cards. They have arrested one more driver, Fayeemuddin alias Fayeez, who was working for Nayeem. Samshabad DCP Sanpreet Singh and his team kept a watch on Fayeez house at Roshan colony basing on the information procured from Nayeema��s nephew Fayeem who is in police custody. The police arrested Fayeez and recovered a tapancha and three bullets from him.A� They also raided Fayeeza��s house and arrested his wife and one more woman.

Nayeem alia James

Nayeem used to travel to Chhattisgarh in disguise as a woman and an expensive car used to be kept ready the airport in Raigarh. The SIT says Nayeem used to travel in flights in womana��s attire. Police confirmed that he was going about in Chhattisgarh as James. He has his private army in that State too. He indulged in blackmail and extortions as he was doing in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The police officials in Chhattisgarh were understood to have become close to Nayeem and tried to make use of him to finish Maoist leaders who became the pain in the neck for the administration in that State.

The SIT officials had interrogated a number of people in Bhuvanagiri, Raigiri and Yadagirigutta on Thursday. In Bhuvanagiri, the SIT had questioned Nayeema��s right hand Pasam Seenu and 20 others. Some more persons were taken into custody for interrogation at DSPa��s office at Bhuvanagiri.

Saggara Hari arrested

Basing on the information given by Narahari, the police have arrested gangster Saggara Hari in Nalgonda district. The police have handed Hari over to the SIT officials. In the meanwhile, film producer C Kalyan alleged that Natti Kumar was fleecing money in the name of Nayeemuddin and that was the reason why he was driven out of Visakhapatnam. Kalyan said Natti Kumar has been making all kinds of allegations against him. He challenged on Friday that if Natti Kumar has any evidence against him he should produce it before the SIT.

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