UP Verdict To Impact National Politics In A Big away

New Delhi: The BJP tsunami in UP elections would change the contours of national politics. It is going to give the NDA a much sought majority in Rajya Sabha where it can get its bills passed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who won UP for the BJP single -handedly with strategic help from party chief Amit Shaw can now hope to have his nominees elected as President and Vice President of the country.

Had BJP lost UP, Amit Shaw would have found it embarrassing to continue as party president after the losses in Delhi, Bihar and UP. Even Modi would have lost some respect although there is no one who could have challenged him. Murmurs could have been heard and some defiant postures could have been seen. Now, with the superb victory in UP, the Modi-Amit Shaw combination will be extolled by party leaders and cadres.

Samajwadi Party chief and UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav may have to face sarcastic jibes from his uncle Shivpal Yadav and a strong repudiation from his father Mulayam Singh. But he is the future leader of UP and Samajwadi Party. He will play an important role in mobilising the Opposition parties to face BJP and Narendra Modi in future battles. He had to pay for the anti-incumbency sentiment against the sitting SP MLAs. He will have to strengthen his party by weeding out elements with corrupt and criminal history and bring in educated and democratic young men and women.

Bahujan Samajwadi Party(BSP) chief Mayawati has received a decisive setback. Her calculation of Dalit-Muslim combination getting into power has not yielded expected results. Mayawati has blamed the voting machines for not registering the votes polled by other parties. She accused the BJP of rigging the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) She questioned the majorities BJP has got in constituencies in which Muslim voters are in large numbers. It is,however, a fact that non-Jatav votes have moved away from the BSP decisively towards the BJP. It is a severe jolt to Mayawati. It appears she is reaching the end of the road.

For Rahul Gandhi, the loss in UP would not make much difference. As long as the first family of the Congress party prefers not to field Priyanka Rahul will be in the leadership role irrespective of wins and losses in electoral battles. The party regained Punjab after ten years. The remarkable victory was due to the capable leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh and the value added by Navjot Sidhu. Rahul made the Captain PCC president after a lot of prevarication. But the Congress party can feel reasonably happy with its performance in Punjab, Goa and Manipur. The results in the four States, other than UP, that went to polls do not influence the national politics as much as the results of UP do. The historic win in UP which is likely to surpass the victory registered by BJP under the leadership of LK Advani and Kalyan Singh in the wake of former’s Rath Yatra is going to make Modi invincible. BJP would be sitting at the top of the table and call all the shots.

This may help in polarisation of non-BJP parties to join forces in order to defeat the NDA. It will be in the same way as the non-Congress parties had joined hands to decimate the oldest party of India. The UP results have opened up new opportunities and challenges for the country’s political class. The UP voters had continued with their tradition of not electing the same party for the second consecutive term.

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