UoH Study That Could Lead To Prevention Of Suicides

The university study has led to development of an index that assesses the vulnerability of an individual. Measurement on this index will enable interventions that enable the individual to overcome vulnerability.

Hyderabad: Can a study by the University of Hyderabad (UoH) help contain depression among students and scholars that sometimes leads to suicides?

The answer is yes, thanks to development of a model that measures the Resilience Index among high-risk persons with regard to feelings of adversity and under achievement. The results of the measurement would indicate if the individual requires psychological intervention and therapy.

Though work on the model is an ongoing process, it could come as a boon to the student community. Reports of suicides among students of schools and colleges as well as university scholars are quite often. In fact, the recent death of a Ph D scholar belonging to UoH was the ninth suicide by university alumni in the past 11 years. The model could thus be extensively applied and tested within the university itself. A�More:A�UoH Scholara��s Suicide: Loneliness, Depression Made Vishal Jump To Death

The a�?Synergy Model of Resiliencea�?, according to reports in the media, has been developed by the Department of Psychology of UoH. The model examines resilience of individuals based on multiple perspectives, including their adversities, achievements and a�?protective factorsa�?.

This would help under or average achievers identify their deficiencies, including personal and environmental factors, which would then enable them to resist such adversity. These individuals can also be helped and trained to overcome their difficulties, including through psychological intervention. The study could help school, college and university students as well as scholars feeling vulnerable within their existing academic environs or owing to pressures of the society.

According to reports, the resilience model has already received appreciation at the Resilience Pathways IV a�� Global South Perspective 2017 at Cape Town in South Africa. A� More:A�UoH Scholar Commits Suicide

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