UoH students see red in convocation dress code

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Some groups and organizations see red in whatever the saffron party does. Otherwise, whata��s the justification for students of University of Hyderabad to threaten to boycott convocation on October 1? The provocation for the threat is a recent circular that asked the graduating students to wear traditional dress for the ceremony instead of shirt and trouser.

While the dress code for boys is kurta-pyjama/dhoti with angavastram, for girls, it is salwar-kameej/sari, all in sober colours. The dresses should be made of handloom cotton or silk and their cost has to be borne by students themselves.

There is resentment among some sections of students who allege the traditional dress code for convocation is a�?cultural hegemony of the ruling class.a�? What piqued the students more is the universitya��s offer of givingA� a�?angavastramsa�� to them at Rs 200 a piece on hire!

Obviously, UoH is following the Prime Ministera��s call for promoting khadi and handlooms in letter and spirit. But, then, why the business of hiring a part of the dress is inexplicable. In any case, many universities and institutions have discarded the British-era black gowns and mortarboards and made convocations more informal. Then whata��s wrong if students are asked to go traditional on a formal occasion like graduation?

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