UoH Scholar’s Suicide: Loneliness, Depression Made Vishal Jump To Death

The body of Vishal Tandon, a research scholar at UoH, who jumped from the 14th floor of his building was taken to Gandhi Hospital for post-mortem.
UoH Scholar's Suicide: Loneliness, Depression Made Vishal To Jump To Death

Hyderabad: As it happens in high rise buildings and apartments, you do not know your neighbours. So was the case with Vishal Tandon who had committed suicide on Saturday by jumping from the 14th floor of F-block at Aparna SarovarA� at LingampallyA� here.

43-year old Vishal was unmarried who lived with his mother. His mother went to his sister who lives in Mumbai. He was keeping silent without ever smiling. The mental suffering he was undergoing was writ large on his face.

A resident of the apartment said it was perhaps the loneliness and psychological depression that drove him to the extreme step.A� He always looked disturbed, the resident said. Vishal gave an e-mail to his sister saying that he was not able to make any progress in his research. He expressed despair. Sensing that some thing was wrong with her brother, the sister, the only other sibling, alerted a common friend.

But Vishal had jumped from the building by the time the common friend reached the place. The reason for his depression was disappointment with personal life and it has nothing to do with the atmosphere in theA� university campus, according to police sources.

Vishal’ sister and mother reached Hyderabad yesterday.

The body was taken to Gandhi Hospital for post-mortem. More than fifty students of University of Hyderabad are at the hospital.

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  1. July 6, 2017

    […] Though work on the model is an ongoing process, it could come as a boon to the student community. Reports of suicides among students of schools and colleges as well as university scholars are quite often. In fact, the recent death of a Ph D scholar belonging to UoH was the ninth suicide by university alumni in the past 11 years. The model could thus be extensively applied and tested within the university itself.  More: UoH Scholar’s Suicide: Loneliness, Depression Made Vishal Jump To Death […]

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