UoH Scholar’s Suicide: Guide, Friends Shocked

The guide and friends of Vishal Tandon were shocked at the news of his suicide. They said he was progressing fairly well in his research.
Vishal Tandon
Vishal Tandon

Hyderabad: The tragic end of research scholar of University of Hyderabad (UoH) Vishal Tandon has shocked his guide and friends. He used to frequently talk about his dissatisfied life. He described himself as ‘queer’ which is associated with the topic of his research. He always said he is a total failure as did not achieve anything in his 42 years of life. However, his friends say he has a lot of goals set for himself and he was a hardworking guy. One of his peers said they used to attend meetings together with their guide who expressed satisfaction at the pace of Vishal’s work. He used to say he is all alone whereas his friends like me have families to fall back upon.

The guide of Vishal in his study titled ” Muslim Masculinities in crisis: A Queer Reading of Hindi film,” Professor Deepa Srinivas was shocked to hear the news of suicide by his student. Prakash Babu, Dean of Students Welfare, said there was never an instance when Vishal faced discrimination.

“I have not achieved anything big and I cannot settle for small things in life. I am not able to achieve my dreams. I am also suffering from serious health issues,” he stated in the two page mail he had sent to his sister Prateeka who lives in Mumbai. His mother who used to stay with him had gone to Mumbai recently. After seeing the mail, the acutely concerned Prateeka called Vishal’s mobile. When it was not answered, she called Pradeep, a common friend who resides on the 13th floor of the same F-Tower of Aparna Sarovar. But by the time Pradeep rushed out, Vishal jumped out of the balcony of the 14th floor.

Police Inspector N Tirupati Rao said Vishal had locked the main door from outside, kept the key in his shoe that was on the shoe rack and jumped to death. He first fell on the bonnet of a car parked on the first floor and then fell on ground. He received serious head injuries and died on the spot. The car belonged to a resident of the apartment. Vishal had put a note suggesting that his relatives can re-register his car in their name and use it. Vishal hails from Belgaum in Karnataka.

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