Unity is Indiaa��s strength: Pawan Kalyan

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, who is currently on a visit to US on the invitation of Harvard University, said that unity is the strength of India. Terming India as rising global power, he regretted that the divide between north and south is standing as a barrier for growth. He said the people of northern States have no knowledge of the people and culture of their brethren in the southern States. While emphasizing the need to build cultural unity among the people, he wanted the leaders from the northern States to accept the tradition and culture of the people of southern States. He regretted that the leaders were dividing the people for their political gains which is seen as a major hurdle for the development of the nation.

He claimed that this division had pained him which was one of the reasons for him to enter politics. He asserted that he was working to build the gap between the people of north and south and take India to the top among the world nations. He grabbed the occasion to raise the issue of the mysterious kidney disease that had been victimizing the people of northern district (Uddanam area) of Andhra Pradesh for over two decades and no government had taken notice of it. He said he had visited the area and interacted with the victims and had raised his voice for them. It was only after his intervention, the government had responded and initiated some measures to address the issue, he said.

Pawan Kalyan said that people across the country have greater ideas but they were limited only to the social media. The people were not as active in the society as they are in the social media, he regretted.

Referring to the issues of Andhra Pradesh, the Jana Sena chief recalled the promise of Special Category Status that was promised for the State. He said that the ruling parties have promised the Special Category Status and wondered why the same parties have gone back on the promise. He termed it as irresponsibility and not being answerable to the people. He said that the leaders were not talking about the suicides by a cross section of the people who are neck deep involved in poverty and debt. He said his mission was to make politicians answerable and responsible. He further said that he would also work to make people active in the society too. He felt that people should start questioning the leaders for their wrong doings which would lead the country to development.A�

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