United opposition geared up to take on BJP government

  • Blackmoney dominated day 2 proceedings
  • Protests dominated the proceedings, government assures discussion
  • Smriti Irani introduced Indian Institutes of Information Technology Bill 2014


New Delhi, November 25: Even as BJP government enjoys clear majority and can count on Shivsena in dire necessity; despite the differences, it is evident that it shall be no cake walk for the Modi contingent in the on-going parliament session. The “Modiji jawab do! jawab do!a�?Slogans from the oppositions benches in Loksabha demanding government statement on black money is a clear indication of the tone and tenor going to be adapted by the opposition in the coming days. Joining Trinamool Congress, JD(U) and Samajwadi Party was Mulayam Singh Yadav seemingly saying a�� United we stand to question you.

They wanted the question hour cancelled and instead a discussion on black money to take place. The demand was however not met. Instead BJP leaders expressed their views -“We are ready for a debate, for 10 years you did not do anything… in six months we have taken many important steps. We are ready for a discussion on the black money matter,” said Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu. And, Minister of State, Rajiv Pratap Rudy assured that the governmentis fully prepared for a discussion on black money.

In Rajyasabha too black money dominated the proceedings. “100 days are over, where is the black money? -shouted the members and the protests went on after lunch too. Derek O’Brien (TMC) said, a�?The Government has made some assurances outside the House on bringing back black money. But no black money has come.There was a lot of hope on this issue, but the government is not delivering. There has to be some structured discussion on this issue. This is not about one or two political parties but all the parties.”Finance Minister Arun Jaitley assured that the government is only willing to discuss the issue whenever the parties want.

Later, when government sought to add a new position a�?Leader of Single Largest Party in Oppositiona�� in the selection committee of CBI Chief, through the Delhi Special Police Establishment Bill 2014, in Loksabha, oppositionMPs expressed their displeasure by walking out. In fact the introduction of the new position is an amendment that comes in the wake of absence of a leader of Opposition in the current Lok Sabha.

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani introduced the Indian Institutes of Information Technology Bill 2014 to upgrade IIITs of Gwalior, Jabalpur, Kanchipuram and Allahabad and grant them status of a�?Institutes of National Importancea��. The issue is long overdue since 2010. Earlier it was also introduced by Irania��s predecessor MM Pallam Raju during UPA regime, but later lapsed. Precisely for this reason, the bill may be expected to pass without much ado.

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